Make a Statement on the Street With LED Lighting

Make a Statement on the Street With LED Lighting

Schedule LED underglow installation services in Rome, NY

Whether you just drove a new car off the lot or you're wondering how to upgrade an older vehicle, you should consider installing LED lighting. Professional Auto Detailing in Rome, NY specializes in LED underglow installations.

However, we can also...

  1. Install custom LED headlights, to improve your visibility at night and during bad weather
  2. Install LED interior lighting, to impress your friends with your customized ride
  3. Upgrade your vehicle in other ways, to increase its resale value

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We can make your car safer to drive

Custom LED headlights will not only make a statement, they'll also keep you safer on the road. Other ways to improve the safety of your vehicle include applying a rust-proof undercoating and replacing worn-out parts.

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